Fish Tool Box

Fish Tool Box

Fish Tool Box
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“I have assembled this Pheasant Mounting Kit so that you can mount your first pheasant with the best supplies available and at minimal cost. This kit includes all the supplies and materials needed for mounting one (1) pheasant. Artificial head, bird preservative, clay, eyes, manikin, wires and more – everything is included! A pheasant is a very beautiful bird and offers an excellent choice for your first bird mount! So grab yourself a kit and join me in the “Bird Classroom” for mounting your first pheasant!”

Dan Rinehart - Instructor


  • Curved Scissors
  • Fleshing Knife
  • “Scraper” Tool
  • Fish Skinning Knife
  • Cheek Scraping Tool
  • Sculpturing (finishing) Tool
  • Eye Calipers (brass)
  • Tape Measure (flexible cloth)



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