Whitetail Deer Mounting
Whitetail Deer Mounting

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A "breif" overview of this program was featured on the TV show "Taxidermy for the Sportsman" airing on The Sportsman Channel.  Now you can receive your own COMPLETE DVD copy.  This is not your average "hobbyist" DVD!  This whitetail deer DVD contains all the most current instruction avaailable in the taxidermy world.  As Dan Rinehart states, "the diffrence between "professional" quality whitetail taxidermy and "hobbyist" taxidermy is simply in the TECHNIQUES used.  My DVD contains the same instructional techniques that I use in my own professional work".  You will elarn directly from Dan through his proven "step-by-step" teaching techniques.  Dan has trained thousands of taxidermists with his professional techniques.  Through this DVD you can learn how to create a professional whitetail deer mount for yourself, friends adn family!  Whether you have tried taxidermy before or this is yoru first attempt, you owe it to yourself (and the quality of your whitetail mount) to mount your first deer with this DVD from Intrnational Champion, Dan Rinehart!  The results will AMAZE you!

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