1053 - EZ - 2000 combo
EZ - 2000 Hide Treatment

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EZ-2000 Hide Tanning Treatment - Using EZ-100 - The newest and highest quality tanning agent available on the market today - and you can only get it from TASCO/Rittel and our authorized distributors!  This is a powdered Syntan Tanning agent that is Eco-Friendly and reduces the risk of human error.  You are able to spend less, and use less, to tan more!  EZ-100 is your best environmental choice!  It does not contain any metallic components.  EZ-100 is a Sulphonic Acid agent synthetically manufactured. Before you know it, you will have your own hide you can display proudly!

Each hide tanning kit will fully tan: 2 average size deer skins, 2 full shoulder deer capes, or 10-14 full fox skins (20 lbs. of wet skin weight). 

Contents: 10 oz. of EZ-100, 8 oz. of Saftee Acid, 12 oz. of Tanning Oil, and complete instructions.

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