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We are pleased to announce the release of our first DVD. "Mounting a Whitetail Deer" is now available for order on this site, and is also available for free when signing up for one of our full-time courses. It is up to you, but get them while they last. You don't want to miss this great instructional video. ... More Info

We are excited to enter the supply industry with NEW and revolutionary products. Personal service has always been the corner-stone of the taxidermy industry. You are important at Dan Rinehart Taxidermy School and will receive the industries BEST training, products and personalized customer service. ..Talk to you soon. Dan Rinehart Learn More About Dan Rinehart Taxidermy School:
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Dan Rinehart's 63,000 square feet of World Class Taxidermy Training & Supply Facility
Dan's new taxidermy training/supply studio provides over 63,000 square feet of taxidermy training, supply storage and endless research and development. In 1912 the heart of the tobacco industry was located in Edgerton, Wisconsin. Giant warehouses were built on solid brick foundations with massive timber interiors. Today, the Biggest of the BIG warehouses is the new home to Dan Rinehart Taxidermy School and Studios. This beautiful building combines a historic-rustic atmosphere with a state-of-the-art taxidermy school and supply production facility. Come visit us and enjoy the history of yester-year and the most advanced supplies and techniques of today!
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Only a few weeks earlier these students had never done any taxidermy. Today they are professionals!
Download the Catalog This student entered the Dan Rinehart Taxidermy School with zero experience. These are just a couple of the professional mounts he accmmplished & took home for his professional display.